New Rules from the State - Reopening the Economy on 5/20



The State released new rules for the first phase of reopening the economy on May 20th. Please see the links below:

      Hair Salons & Barber Shops

      Museums & Zoos


      Restaurants (outdoor only)

      Retail & Malls

The governor stressed that the decision to reopen during this phase is up to each individual business owner. Businesses are not required to open if they do not choose, however if they do, they must follow the rules as noted.

The state notes that all businesses subject to these guidelines are required to self-certify prior to opening May 20th. The certification system will be online sometime this week, and a link will be added to the state's Business Recovery Page at that time. 

In addition, DECD established a new task force that will help small businesses understand and implement these new regulations. The task force, made up of small business and industry associations from around the state, will release a detailed guide by May 15th to help organizations implement these rules and open safely. 



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