Local Regulations, Permits & Applications

From this location you may access most of the Town of Orange's regulations, permits and applications pertinent to the Building Department, Inland Wetlands Department, Public Health and Zoning. Click here for the Home Page of the Town of Orange website.   Below are links to the individual department pages within the Town of Orange website.  All applications and forms are completed online, as there are no paper forms. 

Link to Building Department 

Contact: Lucien DeMao, Building Official: (203) 891-4713

Inland Wetlands (no link available)

Contact:  Jack Demirjian, Inland Wetland's Officer: (203) 891-4746

Link to Public Health Department

Contact:  Brian Slugoski, Sanitarian:  (203) 891-4732

Link to Plan & Zoning 

Contact:  Jack Demirjian, Zoning Enforcement Officer:  (203) 891-4746

Link to Plan & Zoning Regulations

Plan & Zoning Regulations (PDF)

Town of Orange Permit System

2015 Plan of Conservation and Development